About Me

Born in beautiful Switzerland I had a very happy childhood and I often got lost in  the world I created in my Imagination. I tried to keep a playful spirit since. A little crazy, adventurous, curious and very imaginative. I always loved creative people around me and being creative myself by drawing, photographing, writing and even sometimes painting. 


As a member of  GAF (Gruppe Autodidaktischer Fotografen) I learned photography from amazing artists such as Peter Dammann and  Reto Camenisch among others.  


As a creative artist I have been active in different fields. I was presenting my creative short stories in an event called PIX MIX in Berne and Burgdorf , where I started a combination of photography, writing and drawing to create humorous, imaginative or adventurous short stories, using a big screen to show illustrations and tell my tales.


 The biggest thing for me so far was and still is my art project, which started several years ago and hopefully will get finished in a couple of months. This is when I will present my first Art Book. For this project I portrayed 75 people and asked them numerous questions about their lives, dreams, fears and hopes. To dig into the mystery of ones face much research was needed, including reading about the complexities of how the brain works and why your left and right sides of your face may appear different.